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Pumpkin harvest - <i>Silverdale, Washington</i> The first Coleman Greenhouse - <i>Port Orchard, Washington</i> Sunflower - <i>Photo by Linda Coleman</i> Food fight - <i>Photo by Jim Coleman</i> Peek-a-boo! Rototilling - <i>Silverdale garden</i>

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Home canning and food preservation
Outside of gardening, a major focus of ours is proper and safe food preservation, so that we may enjoy our produce year-round. See photos from our blog.

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It really does take a village! We encourage you to participate by commenting on our blog posts and via Twitter (@FriendsWGardens), so that we all may learn from one another!

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Friends With Telescopes

Content from this site is slowly being migrated over to a new website, Friends with Gardens. Create your free account today!

Welcome to the Coleman Greenhouse, located near Port Orchard, Washington. This site is geared toward the backyard gardener, particularly those living in the Pacific Northwest, though gardeners everywhere may benefit from it. It started as a "gardening diary," so that I might have a permanent record to look back on in future years when planning new gardens. It's still that - but has evolved into an interactive resource for other gardeners - like you - to enjoy and participate in.


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Chances are, if you're into working the ground beneath you, you may also be interested in the skies above you! Visit our astronomy website!

Every single day, a webcam snapped an average of 250 individual photos of our Crop Circle garden. These were put together into a time lapse.
Watch 2015 Gardening season in just about a minute!

After two dismal Pacific Northwest La Nina gardening seasons, I decided it was time to build a greenhouse. Many of the supplies (glass, wood) were totally free through the FreeCycle network. Click here for information, and photos of the process from start to finish. You, too, can build a greenhouse!

Graphic of batBats are our friends! Get involved with conservation efforts by finding out how easy it is to build your own bat house, and enjoy the numerous benefits of having bats near your garden.


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